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Wood for House and for Office

Written by Kelly Russell

Wood is commonly used all over the world in making furniture for both office and house use. There are different types of woods with varying characteristics. Our work is to enlighten you about the different kinds of woods you can use both for your office and house decoration. In this article, we will be helping you distinguish the differences between hardwood and softwood.

  • Hard Wood Vs. Hardwood


Compared to softwood trees, hardwood trees take a longer time to mature. This, in turn, makes hardwood denser than the softwood. Subsequently, furniture made of hardwood will last long.


  • Color


Typically, hardwoods are rich darker while softwoods are lighter in color. If you need furniture that will lighten up, your room we advise that you go for the softwood type. If you like dark-colored furniture, the hardwood type will do.


  • Cost

In terms of expenditure, hardwood costs more than softwoods, so the latter is recommended if you are operating on a tight budget.

  • Tree Type


Hardwoods are obtained from deciduous trees with broad leaves while softwoods come from conifer trees that do not produce seeds.


Types of hardwood trees include;



Mahogany is a costly type of hardwood that attains a deep brown color at maturity. Many people prefer it to most of the other types.



The oak tree is popular in having elegant open wood markings.



Walnut is known for strength and its lovely deep chocolate color.


It is strong and durable to withstand wear and tear for the longest time.



Ash is popular for an incredible bending ability.


Softwood trees include; cedar, pine, fir, larch, and pine.


So, when you choose your office or home furniture, you can ask the wood used.