Wood Bath Accessories

Written by Kelly Russell

If you are looking for a way to give your bathroom a more elegant look, getting wood bath accessories could be a great option. In this article, we are going to discuss several wood bath accessories that your bathroom needs to be lively and sparkling. Some of these elegant bathroom utilities come in all tastes, sizes, and shapes. These include a toothbrush cup, tissue holder, soap holder, soap dispenser, and storage compartments. All these made of wood will give your bathroom a luxurious, impressive look. Let’s take a close look at more ideas of these wooden bathroom accessories.

  • Bamboo Soap Dispenser


If you are the kind that just doesn’t like metal or plastic accessory in your bathroom, you are definitely going to love this bathroom accessory. You could have the bamboo soap dispenser that’s incredibly elegant and stylish as well. Other than that, thanks to the hard nature of bamboo, this dispenser will definitely serve you for the longest time.


  • Wooden Cupboard


In most modern bathrooms you will find a storage cupboard that’s placed below the sink to keep items like towels and other toiletries. Having a wooden cabinet will give the bathroom an attractive look both for you and your guests. Typically, this is usually a great idea if you are building a luxury apartment or home.

  • Shaving and Storage Stool


This is a tool that’s used to keep yourself comfortable as you shave your legs. Basically, it’s a utility stool on which you can place your leg while shaving to avoid bending over. Other than that, the stool also comes with a shelf on the lower part where you can put tissue papers and other toiletries. Don’t worry about that limited space in your bathroom since most of these shelves come in a compact design.


  • Acacia Bathroom Utilities


This is an eye-catching collection of acacia wood accessories that are meant to give your bathroom that elegant modern look you’ve always desired. It includes a soap dispenser, tissue holder and a soap holder as well. To ensure that these accessories maintain their shiny attractive wooden look, ensure that you never use tough cleaning chemicals on them.

  • Wood Toothbrush Holder


Your toothbrush also deserves to be stored elegantly same as the other utilities of your bathroom. You could do this by purchasing a wood made toothbrush holder that complements the look of most modern bathrooms.


  • Galvanized bathroom Hardware


This is the painted type of wood accessories that’s ideal for industrial enterprises. It could include a towel holder, tissue paper holder, and a robe hanger that’s halfway painted.


  • Vintage Take

The vintage take works perfectly with old fashioned kind of bathroom. The vintage look is basically about white and rustic elements.


Wood bath accessories are always an excellent option for your bathroom. Firstly, they don’t break easily so you can be assured of longevity. Moreover, they are easy to clean, and you won’t need all sort of detergents to keep them shining. Lastly, don’t forget to arrange your wood bath accessories neatly to ensure that it stays with a pleasant look all day long.

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